Top 5 Priorities for Michigan Homeowners: Navigating Renovations and Custom Builds for Comfort, Efficiency, and Resilience

Michigan homeowners

When Michigan homeowners consider a home renovation or embarking on a new custom home project, the priorities often reflect our unique climate and lifestyle considerations. Here are the top five topics that are typically most relevant:

  • Maximizing Interior Space and Flexibility: With many spending significant time at home in our winters, there’s a focus on renovations that maximize interior space, offer flexibility, and improve functionality. This might involve open floor plans, finished basements, multipurpose rooms, and home offices or study spaces that cater to remote work and learning needs
  • Weather Resilience and Durability: Michigan’s weather can be harsh, ranging from hot summers to cold, snowy winters, and everything in between, including severe storms. Homeowners should prioritize materials and construction techniques that can withstand these conditions, protect homes, and ensure longevity. This encompasses everything from roofing and siding choices to foundation and drainage considerations.
  • Functional Outdoor Living Spaces: Given our appreciation for the outdoors during our pleasant seasons, creating functional outdoor living spaces is a significant trend. This includes decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, and even three-season rooms that allow for extended use of outdoor spaces in spring, summer, and fall.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: With Michigan’s varied climate, energy efficiency is a key concern. Homeowners should look for ways to minimize energy consumption and costs while maximizing comfort. This includes high-efficiency HVAC systems, insulation, windows, and doors, as well as the incorporation of renewable energy sources like solar panels.
  • Smart Home Technology Integration: As technology continues to evolve, incorporating smart home features into renovations or new custom homes is increasingly important. This includes smart thermostats, security systems, lighting, and appliances that offer convenience, efficiency, and enhanced safety.

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